Marketing during COVID-19 (Part 1)

Marketing during COVID-19

Marketing during a global pandemic and under circumstances we’ve never had the need to adjust to before, is a challenge. We’ve had to, very quickly, adjust physically and mentally in our personal and our professional lives to varying degrees. We are each having to deal with various issues – that could be homeschooling, separation from … Read more

Why testimonials are important

Why testimonials are important by Shake It Up Creative

There are countless articles and blog posts out there encouraging businesses, large and small, to include testimonials on their website, explaining the reasons to collect and display them. One of those reasons is to demonstrate credibility, another is to instill trust in you and your business. But does that really make a difference? Do people … Read more

Glossary of marketing terms

Glossary of marketing terms

One of the ways we like to stand out, be different and memorable is by communicating with our clients in plain English. We’ve found this works well and is usually very much appreciated. The feedback we’ve had suggests that this improves user experience with us at all stages of the relationship. In addition, businesses come … Read more

How to write a brilliant case study

How to write a brilliant case study

Why write a case study? Customers need to believe in a product or service before they buy. They have to reach the stage where they think that what you’re selling solves their problem, that it is attractive to them and that it is either the best, or most convenient, option available to them. To help … Read more

Why podcasts are effective

Why podcasts are effective, Shake It Up Creative

Everyone loves a story and people love telling stories. Stories are memorable and many are inspirational. Childhood memories are often full of the bedtime stories we were read and the books we read ourselves as we discovered whole new worlds, fell in love with protagonists and imagined what our lives would be when we grew … Read more