How to Run a Successful Hybrid Event

How to run a successful hybrid event - blurred gathering image

We know plenty of people eager to get back to face-to-face events, to get real human connection, but not everyone is feeling this way. Even after the initial return phase, event organisers must remember that the world has changed; home-working, flexibility and openness have all taken a higher prevalence. Employers have seen that their teams … Read more

4 simple steps to unlock your creative mind

4 simple steps to unlock your creative mind

There’s a certain pressure as a creative company to maintain a good flow of ideas. And not just any ideas, those that stand out or break the mould. Ideas that surpass mediocre. And for me personally, especially as a marketer rather than a designer, illustrator or artist; honestly, I find it hard. After 20 years … Read more

Does love in business matter?

Love at work by Shake It Up Creative

Attending a fringe event is a smart way to be a part of the, sometimes more adventurous, conversations surrounding the main event. They are often in workshop format so it’s hands-on and your takeaways are actionable. An example of this is the ‘Leading with Love’ Meaning Conference fringe event that I went to, run by … Read more