How well do you know your target audience?

Target audience across generations

We’re going to unpack what it means to identify your target audience and learn about the differences between the generations. Currently there are 8 billion people in the world and counting, we all have different interests, different financial situations and different shopping habits if we are privileged enough. It is important to know who you … Read more

What’s the hype with influencer marketing?

  We’ve all heard of them… Influencers. Digital Creators. Online Creators. It’s the buzzword in the marketing industry, but what exactly is Influencer Marketing, and what’s the big deal? Influencer Marketing is a social media marketing strategy that involves endorsements from influencers. Companies will select content creators to promote their products and engage with the … Read more

How to Run a Successful Hybrid Event

How to run a successful hybrid event - blurred gathering image

We know plenty of people eager to get back to face-to-face events, to get real human connection, but not everyone is feeling this way. Even after the initial return phase, event organisers must remember that the world has changed; home-working, flexibility and openness have all taken a higher prevalence. Employers have seen that their teams … Read more

4 simple steps to unlock your creative mind

4 simple steps to unlock your creative mind

There’s a certain pressure as a creative company to maintain a good flow of ideas. And not just any ideas, those that stand out or break the mould. Ideas that surpass mediocre. And for me personally, especially as a marketer rather than a designer, illustrator or artist; honestly, I find it hard. After 20 years … Read more

Does love in business matter?

Love at work by Shake It Up Creative

Attending a fringe event is a smart way to be a part of the, sometimes more adventurous, conversations surrounding the main event. They are often in workshop format so it’s hands-on and your takeaways are actionable. An example of this is the ‘Leading with Love’ Meaning Conference fringe event that I went to, run by … Read more