It’s not a fairy tale, Video Pitch to win 50 hrs of services.

So we re-vamped the #ShakeToCreate video for the festive season and wrote a little true story to go with it…

video pitch to win

Once upon a time there were two freelancers who had dreams of bigger and better things for themselves and their families. They united and formed a limited company between them, after a long search for a company name that they both loved. Then one afternoon as they sat together in the sunshine, talking about their goals, they realised they were in a much better position than most start-ups. They didn’t need funding, they didn’t need premises and they didn’t need to quit their day jobs. So the ladies decided they should select a young business to work with free of charge, to share their design and marketing expertise and lighten the load for a fellow company just starting out. It would also give them a great client case study to use later on.

How would they tell business owners about this opportunity? Through social media, networking, PR and direct marketing of course. But then the rains came and some suspicion arose; because this start-up was offering a lot of hours for free, it seemed too good to be true. People were hearing about the chance to submit a video pitch but they weren’t very sure whether they should. New organisations were missing out on a real chance to have marketing and design work done at no cost to themselves.

So the ladies put on their best sparkly outfits for the festive season and started politely shouting louder, in all directions, to convey this brilliant offer to the masses. They explained that any SME in the UK that had not worked with Shake It Up Creative before, could enter. The rain turned into a blanket of snow and everyone lived happily ever after, having submitted their video pitch whilst living in a winter wonderland. Albeit after a bit of moaning about the icy British weather of course.

As pantomine season draws closer, we hope you liked our real life tale. Just video pitch to win! And please do forward the opportunity to suitable businesses that you know. The closing date for pitches is January 30th 2016.

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