An Easy Guide to Local SEO

An Easy Guide to Local SEO - aerial photo of a town

Get to grips with local SEO for your WordPress website with our easy guide to local SEO.  What is local SEO and why is it important for your business? In this blog, we’re going to take you through the essential basics of local SEO, to make your website visible to your homegrown community or your … Read more

Improve your ecommerce SEO in 5 steps

improve your ecommerce seo_site hierarchy

Optimising for search traffic on an ecommerce site can take a lot longer than on a company or portfolio website due to the layers of that site e.g. Supermarket Homepage > Groceries > Frozen Food > Frozen Vegetables & Herbs > Frozen Prepared Vegetables. And that can make it seem very complex, very time-consuming and … Read more

Offsetting part of your digital footprint with Ecosia

Offsetting part of your digital footprint with Ecosia

Would you choose to use an alternative search engine if you knew that when you shopped online or checked your share prices you could be ‘virtually’ planting a tree? Would it feel good, playing a vital part in a global reforestation movement? Hopefully if you care about the world (which now, more than ever, everyone … Read more

The power couple that is PR & SEO

The power couple PR and SEO

It’s normal for a myriad of marketing activities to be happening simultaneously with the aim of boosted impact. You’ve heard the “it takes 6-8 touchpoints to gain a sales lead”, it’s all about awareness followed by nurturing of a potential customer. But there’s a power partnership that’s been breaking down two marketing silos even more. … Read more

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How to optimise for zero click searches

How to optimise for zero click

Every day, Google is taking steps to try and make our lives as ‘search engine users’ easier, by providing answers more quickly, more accurately and in the right format.  But imagine if you found the exact answer to your query, without having to click, not even once.  It’s already happening.  Ask for a temperature conversion, … Read more

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Why graphic communication is important for your business

Include graphic communication in your marketing strategy

What does graphic communication encompass and why is it important to know about for your business? Have you heard the term graphic communication being used and wondered what makes it different from graphic design?  Both graphic design and communication are essential to attracting and interacting with potential customers and as well as your existing customer … Read more

Brighton SEO speaker preparation playbook

Meg's talk on design at Brighton SEO, September 2018

When preparing for the biggest speaking gig of her career, Meg Fenn of Shake It Up Creative, developed a speaker preparation playbook and is sharing her top 5 tips for Brighton SEO speakers. This can also be very useful for anyone getting ready for a speaking engagement in any industry sector. A little background first … Read more

What are the best Google business and web tools?

The Best Business and Google Tools

There is an abundance of tools available to you when it comes to maintaining your website and growing your online platform. It can be overwhelming to work out which ones you should master and which ones aren’t relevant to you. That’s why we’ve put this post together for you, we’re going to give you a … Read more

How to avoid website traffic drops after a redesign

Search console SEO

The time always comes when your company’s website needs to be refreshed. Getting updates installed and a redesign put in place can, and should, be an exciting part of seeing your business progress. However, it can bring with it the worry that your site’s search result positions won’t benefit from the changes made and the … Read more