What is Design Thinking and how does it benefit business?

Design Thinking, blog post by Meg Fenn, Shake It Up Creative

Before we talk about what Design Thinking is, we want to point out that it is not just for design-specific sectors. It can be and is applied to any field; so keep on reading! What is Design Thinking? Design thinking is an ideology, methodology and process that puts the user at the forefront of complex … Read more

Why website design is important for business

Your website is the most important marketing tool

One main piece of advice we often give to our clients and also to our #ShakeItHUB visitors is that all of their marketing efforts can and should lead potential customers to their website. Why? Because that’s where they’ll connect with them through their copy (written specifically for their audience) and through the website design which … Read more

What is DesignOps and how can your business master it?

What is DesignOps?

Anyone working on scaling their business online over the past year will probably agree that DesignOps is a term that has popped up and is becoming increasingly popular. It refers to the department (or single person) that plans, defines, and manages the design process within a company. They must ensure the design team is smooth-running … Read more

Why graphic communication is important for your business

Include graphic communication in your marketing strategy

What does graphic communication encompass and why is it important to know about for your business? Have you heard the term graphic communication being used and wondered what makes it different from graphic design?  Both graphic design and communication are essential to attracting and interacting with potential customers and as well as your existing customer … Read more

WordPress’s Gutenberg is coming

WordPress's Gutenberg

If you’re a WordPress user, you may have already heard about Gutenberg, but might not realise just what it is, exactly. Gutenberg is WordPress’s new content editing experience, named after Johannes Gutenberg, who invented a printing press with movable type more than 500 years ago. “A rebuilt suite for media rich pages and posts” – … Read more

UX – what is it and why should you care?

The meaning of UX

UX is a buzzword in the digital community but what does it stand for and more importantly, what does it really mean? UX is an abbreviation of the words user experience. It refers to the quality of a site from its user’s point of view. UX design is an important part of putting a site … Read more

Repositioning your Brand

M&S Spend It Well

Repositioning or Rejuvenation? Hands up if you are guilty of starting a business with a logo but without properly knowing what you are actually going to deliver? Did you know what customers might think and want, what piece of the market you were targeting? When a business first launches its products and services, its starting … Read more