How to make business purpose tangible

Making purpose tangible for Shake It Up Creative

It’s easy to say you are a purpose-led company but we knew from the beginning that this is in no way enough and that we would need to learn and decide how to make business purpose tangible for Shake It Up Creative. Our previous post and subtle changes to our website show that we are … Read more

What is purpose-led business practice all about and how we are becoming a purpose driven company

Shake It Up Creative hosts a business event with Nick Looby

The term ‘purpose-led business practice’ has been popping up a lot more recently. It’s a concept which is rapidly growing in popularity and is focused on ensuring that an organisation stands for something it believes in, going beyond profit and positively impacting society. If a company can direct its business model towards something that creates … Read more

Repositioning your Brand

M&S Spend It Well

Repositioning or Rejuvenation? Hands up if you are guilty of starting a business with a logo but without properly knowing what you are actually going to deliver? Did you know what customers might think and want, what piece of the market you were targeting? When a business first launches its products and services, its starting … Read more

Branding Checklist

Branding checklist blog Shake It Up Creative

When developing or rebranding your business, it’s essential to think ahead about placements – where and how will any logo, messaging and offers appear later on? To help you think about some of the areas where your brand may well feature, here is a checklist: Website Search engine result Social media Business cards Business stationery … Read more

Protecting Your Brand

Singhsbury’s Shake It Up Creative

You’ve worked long and hard on developing your brand, looking at all the different elements from logos, fonts, colours, photography etc, how and where you will use it and what it means to you and your customers. The Brand Identity (look and feel) and the Brand Image (what it says about you) is all set … Read more

Getting brand identity spot on…

Brand identity

A logo alone is not a brand but it does form part of your brand identity. In advertising, the often discussed ‘rule of 7’ theory, suggests someone must see your brand seven times before it starts to be remembered and a powerful brand identity means you can recognise the brand even if you don’t see … Read more

My brand makes my customers feel…

How does your brand make you feel?

We’re going to be focusing on branding over the coming weeks and want to build up to chatting about re-positioning your brand or re-branding completely. To do this let’s chat first about branding and what it actually is, because it might be meaning different things to different people. To us, branding and creating a brand … Read more