Improve your ecommerce SEO in 5 steps

improve your ecommerce seo_site hierarchy

Optimising for search traffic on an ecommerce site can take a lot longer than on a company or portfolio website due to the layers of that site e.g. Supermarket Homepage > Groceries > Frozen Food > Frozen Vegetables & Herbs > Frozen Prepared Vegetables. And that can make it seem very complex, very time-consuming and … Read more

Affiliate marketing and how to do it successfully

Affiliate marketing and how to do it graphic

You’ve probably heard of affiliate marketing, but you may not have considered adding affiliate links to your website to create a new revenue stream. But affiliate marketing can be an effective way of maximising your existing audience and earning commission from sales of relevant products and services. And it can all be done through your … Read more

Offsetting part of your digital footprint with Ecosia

Offsetting part of your digital footprint with Ecosia

Would you choose to use an alternative search engine if you knew that when you shopped online or checked your share prices you could be ‘virtually’ planting a tree? Would it feel good, playing a vital part in a global reforestation movement? Hopefully if you care about the world (which now, more than ever, everyone … Read more

How to back up your website

“Help! I’m getting the white screen of death.” Or “My website has been hacked!” These exclamations are just two examples of what we hear from clients or business owners, who have been recommended to us, asking for help. Over the years, we have seen many client business websites become damaged, lost or simply have bits … Read more

Why website design is important for business

Your website is the most important marketing tool

One main piece of advice we often give to our clients and also to our #ShakeItHUB visitors is that all of their marketing efforts can and should lead potential customers to their website. Why? Because that’s where they’ll connect with them through their copy (written specifically for their audience) and through the website design which … Read more

Choosing an ecommerce platform for your SME… the good, the bad, the ugly!

Helping you choose an E commerce platform or your SME - Shake It Up Creative

When it comes to choosing an ecommerce platform to use, the possibilities can seem endless. You want to be able to sell your products and services simply but effectively. You want to be able to understand the backend of the platform and have a high quality UX for your customers. You want to trust what … Read more

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UX – what is it and why should you care?

The meaning of UX

UX is a buzzword in the digital community but what does it stand for and more importantly, what does it really mean? UX is an abbreviation of the words user experience. It refers to the quality of a site from its user’s point of view. UX design is an important part of putting a site … Read more

What are the best Google business and web tools?

The Best Business and Google Tools

There is an abundance of tools available to you when it comes to maintaining your website and growing your online platform. It can be overwhelming to work out which ones you should master and which ones aren’t relevant to you. That’s why we’ve put this post together for you, we’re going to give you a … Read more