I was recently asked by Sussex Life magazine ‘How important is it for women to support each other in business?’ but was limited to 180 words for my answer (which also had to include two more answers, three questions in total), so not much space to answer really. However, the piece was designed very well … Read more

How MeetUp can help raise your business profile

Meet Up #ShakeItHUB

Do you run training events, short courses, open days or networking events? You could reach a wider audience and raise your business profile by putting them on MeetUp. What is MeetUp? MeetUp is a social website that enables online connections to be made for in-person events, meetings or social gatherings. It originated in the United … Read more

5 New Year’s Resolutions to boost your business online

5 New Year’s Resolutions to boost your business online

Improve your social media efforts There’s not many SMEs that have got social media completely right and have their presence working hard for them. Evaluate this year’s efforts and see where you can improve. It might be the frequency of posts, it might be the subject range, maybe the quality of posts; using images and … Read more

GEW2016 business takeaways

Meg Fenn on Business Radio

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) originated out of a desire to inspire and encourage people to start up in business, to turn their dreams into a reality. The aim of this global conference which involves thousands of events across 160 countries, is to get people talking about business and start discovering what they need to do … Read more

My top tips for award entries that win

Top tips for award entries

Ever entered an awards programme?  Over the years I have written many awards applications for different companies. Lots have won; hooray, many have been finalists; yay, for some I advised that they should gather more results and submit next year instead; they simply didn’t stand a chance and the entry fee was a waste of … Read more

The 2016 winning #shaketocreate pitch!

Shake To Create winner

When we decided to create our #ShakeToCreate competition, there were lots of reasons behind it: we wanted to ‘give back’ with our skill set and ‘pay it forward’ with our time, in return for the opportunities we have had and the support we have each been given over the years we knew 50 hours of … Read more

It’s not a fairy tale, Video Pitch to win free service hours.

video pitch to win

So we re-vamped the #ShakeToCreate video for the festive season and wrote a little true story to go with it… Once upon a time there were two freelancers who had dreams of bigger and better things for themselves and their families. They united and formed a limited company between them, after a long search for … Read more

A Few Things to Make Life Online Easier

Hints and Tips

Here are some of the things we get asked about all the time. We hope our answers are helpful. Q: Why can’t I create a single line space in WordPress? A: When you press Return, it creates a double line space. If you want a single line space, then press Shift+Return. Q: My Facebook posts … Read more

How To MacMail HTML Signature

Hints and Tips

Here’s a guide to setting up an email signature in MacMail. Follow these steps to add a MacMail html signature with your logo and social media icons along with links: Step 1: Create your logo and social media icon files. Size them correctly for your html file. Upload your images to your web server. I … Read more