We are 2 today – Happy Birthday to Shake It Up Creative

Shake It Up Creative is 2 today

Happy birthday to Shake It Up Creative!

First, thank you all so very much for your business, for your support, for cheering us on, for reading our newsletters and blog posts and for being amazing clients!

We are excited about entering our third year which is set to be even busier and even more exciting than the last two… looking back, here’s what we’ve been up to since 2015:

  • held 37 help hubs at which we helped, advised and supported business owners, marketing managers and start-ups
  • taken on 59 new projects
  • given 14 talks (in Sussex and London)
  • presented 5 training workshops
  • travelled 2411 miles and took a whole heap of train journeys
  • enjoyed ‘hundreds’ of cups of tea/coffee with some fabulous people

Second, we are about to run a competition on Facebook with the chance to win a great prize. Because we want to offer something that people actually want and need, we have been asking the following question on our Facebook page:
Which prize would be most valuable to your business? Type A, B, C or D in the comments. Prize value for all options is approx £500.
Prize options from Shake It Up Creative

Please either hop over to our Facebook page, give us a like if you haven’t already, and tell us your letter OR simply put your letter in the comments below. Thank you! And thanks very much to those who have already told us which prize would be the most valuable for them.

Our final thing to tell you is that we are taking our popular SEO training to London in early 2018. Please spread the word! For those who are interested, sign up to our priority booking list and get emailed the booking link as soon as we confirm the event. Either visit our workshops page OR simply tell us in the comments below that you’re interested and we’ll put you on the list.

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    • Thanks very much Karen. So glad we have not failed! It’s always touch and go initially but we work hard and are motivated by our passion for what we do and by so many amazing businesses and people we work with.


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