5 steps to dramatically increase your views on YouTube and rank higher

Dramatically increase your views on YouTube and get your videos ranked higher with just 5 steps.

There’s no doubting the fact that the future is video. Posting videos onto YouTube can do more than get you seen by your target audience, it can make you a part of their routines, a place they turn to when they’re looking for entertainment. When 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, it’s definitely hard to get yours to stand out. This blog post will help you dramatically increase your views on YouTube and get your videos ranked higher with just 5 steps. If you want to get your content seen by thousands more people than it currently is, then read on.

The most effective way to rank well on YouTube is by getting a high retention rate, that means that your viewers watch your video from start to finish. Make sure your video isn’t unnecessarily too long and if your video is educational, remind viewers at the beginning what is is they are going to learn. Ensure that the presenter is engaging and not irritating (test it out on people before you list the video publicly). You will often see a promised ‘gem’ of information held until nearer the end of a video, to keep the viewer tuned in for the duration and boost engagement stats.

Content is key to achieving a high retention rate
Content is key to achieving a high retention rate. If you’re wondering whether your videos are valuable then ask yourself, do they answer a question? If yes then they serve purpose. People are turning to YouTube more and more frequently to find a solution to their problems so if you’re confident that your content does just that then you’re off to a good start. If you’re not sure whether there is much value in your video then ask yourself, can someone take away a few interesting things or be entertained, watching this? Try and see where you can deliver benefits to your viewers.

Your script
If a video doesn’t catch your attention in the first few seconds, you’re most likely going to click onto another video and never return to the one you found boring. And remember, you’re trying to dramatically increase your views on YouTube here – if a handful of people don’t hang around to watch your video, hundreds or thousands won’t either. So how can you get your audience to lock in to the whole video? Well, it’s easy. All you have to do is follow the script outline below:

Short intro – Who are you?
What’s the outcome of the video going to be? – Let the audience know what they’ll find out by watching to the end

Go through your steps – explain the answer to the problem / ways to reach the end goal

2 calls to action – here’s why:
You should aim to always end your videos with not one call to action but two. The first should be about engagement – engagement raises a videos ranking. So ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel, to thumbs up the video and to leave a comment. The second call to action should be about getting your viewers to click through to your conversion page – what’s the purpose of your video? Are you trying to get people to put their email in to your website? If so, tell them to visit your site and put their details in so that they can be alerted when you put new content live. Is your goal getting more likes on your Facebook page? If so, tell your viewers to go to your page and like it in order to get more free content that they’ll love. Studies show that 3- 5 word calls to action work the best so bear that in mind, too.

Here are our top tips for video search engine optimisation. If your video is uploaded in a way that YouTube and its users like then you’ll see it perform well.

  1. For meta data purposes, name the file you upload the same as the title of your video
  2. Include your keyword in your title
  3. Write a description, 200 – 400 words long, and include a handful of secondary keywords as well as your main keyword again
  4. Personalise your video’s thumbnail
  5. Put 10 relevant tags in your video’s description
  6. Put an outbound (conversion) link in your description, too. Just like we spoke about in section 3, link to your website / Facebook page etc

Are you a reliable source of information?
All viewers of yours are potential customers, all you have to do to convert them is give them a good enough reason to be converted. If you’re proving yourself as a reliable source of information, somebody who gives away value for free and cares about the response they get, you’re pretty much there already. Some people think that giving away too much for free will put people off paying for a service / good but that isn’t true. If you want to convert a viewer to a customer, give them another piece of free, valuable content in return for their details and then contact them later on with your sales pitch. It’s a lead generation process. At the end of your video, let your viewers know that they can get a free PDF with your main points written down by simply clicking the link in the video’s description box and putting their email in – no strings attached. Watch as your viewers begin to trust and truly appreciate you. They’ll be much more receptive to hearing what you have to say / sell from then onwards.

Have you got a YouTube channel for your business? Follow these steps to dramatically increase your views on YouTube and get your videos ranked higher and let us know what kind of content you produce in the comments below!

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