Why podcasts are effective

Why podcasts are effective, Shake It Up Creative

Everyone loves a story and people love telling stories. Stories are memorable and many are inspirational. Childhood memories are often full of the bedtime stories we were read and the books we read ourselves as we discovered whole new worlds, fell in love with protagonists and imagined what our lives would be when we grew … Read more

How to back up your website

How to back up your website and why you should

“Help! I’m getting the white screen of death.” Or “My website has been hacked!” These exclamations are just two examples of what we hear from clients or business owners, who have been recommended to us, asking for help. Over the years, we have seen many client business websites become damaged, lost or simply have bits … Read more

The power couple that is PR & SEO

The power couple PR and SEO

It’s normal for a myriad of marketing activities to be happening simultaneously with the aim of boosted impact. You’ve heard the “it takes 6-8 touchpoints to gain a sales lead”, it’s all about awareness followed by nurturing of a potential customer. But there’s a power partnership that’s been breaking down two marketing silos even more. … Read more

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