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Pudding Fairy website build
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A rebrand that increased the average order value by 82%

Key achievements:

  • Gained a 20% monthly increase in website visitors
  • Increased Facebook followers by a third
  • Increased average order value by 82%
  • Generated 5% of new enquiries from booked print adverts

The brief:

Lisa Furnell, a graduate of the prestigious Covent Garden Academy of Flowers in London, established Cabbagewhite Flowers to bring bespoke floral designs to Sussex.

Lisa wanted to rebrand and rebuild her website to bring it in-line with a big outreach for wedding flower bookings. She had also already secured a few magazine advert spaces and needed the new branding in time for their submission deadlines. Lisa wanted to be taught how to use and manage her new WordPress website so she was looking for website development with content management training, along with experienced graphic design and branding skills.

The work:

The project consisted of logo and branding design, artwork for business cards and for print adverts and a skeleton website. We provided layout designs options, the initial WordPress website set up with the menu and initial page build and then taught Lisa how she could get the rest of her website content in place herself. To maintain a highly professional appearance, Cabbagewhite Flowers needed beautiful photo galleries and matching artwork for its social media channels as well.

The business name remained the same but instead of a previous butterfly image for the logo Lisa was looking for something typographical and simple that she could use over the top of different photos of her floristry work. Once the logo was finalised, all the advert artwork was completed and magazine deadlines met. Lisa had an in-person training session at Shake It Up Creative that taught her how to create new galleries, pages and how to use the admin control panel. She then went away and populated her website herself.

The results:

Within a very short space of time Cabbagewhite started seeing more traffic and enquiries coming through the website. Lisa said that potential clients had said they liked the large images and simplicity of the site. The adverts designed for regional wedding magazines brought in 5% of new enquiries for the measured period. Followers on social media also increased and seem to be steadily continuing to grow.

Lisa is still taking enquiries and quoting for weddings over the next year but said it all seemed very positive and that she was “really, really happy with everything”. Her average order value is now 82% higher than it was prior to the company rebrand, an unexpectedly high return on marketing spend investment.

“I have had such lovely and positive feedback from the new branding. How ‘high end’ it looks, that it’s so professional and I do believe it has influenced the type of enquiry I am getting. This has come from both clients and other suppliers. I cannot believe how fast and pain-free this process was. I have everything I asked for and it exceeded my expectations. You met every deadline I had and it was tight. There was no end of patience and support from the whole team and I cannot thank you all enough. Amazing!!.” – Lisa, Cabbagewhite Flowers
Pudding Fairy website build
Pudding Fairy flyer design
Pudding Fairy website redesign