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Shake To Create 2018 winner

Shake To Create winner wOndaryThe Shake To Create 2018 winner: wOndary
wOndary is a tech start up run by business partners Claire Trachet and Achim Weimert which aims to be the go-to for everything travel-related; a reliable, friendly and hassle-free platform.

“Travel is about discovery and new experiences, but getting lost is only fun when you really want to be! The planning tool helps you figure out the “right track” so you can… you got it, “#getlostontherighttrack”

We are looking forward to helping these tech innovators to improve the UI of their website and focus their marketing strategy in order to strengthen the brand and grow their user base.

“We’re thrilled to have been selected for the Shake To Create competition! Looking forward to working with Meg and Rachael on our landing site, its content and design and witness the impact of their expert advice!” said Claire Trachet, Co-Founder and CEO of wOndary.

Shake To Create competition details

Win free design and marketing hours! What is Shake To Create? (#ShakeToCreate)

  • An annual competition for SMEs to win 35 free hours of creative work for their growing business
  • Open to companies who have not yet worked with us
  • Includes design, marketing – strategy, copywriting, social media, email campaigns, PR and website development services (does not include SEO services)
  • Our chance to give back or, pay it forward, if you prefer.

Enter the #ShakeToCreate competition if you are:

  • UK based
  • Over 1 year old
  • Ready to go the next level
  • Want to get more intelligent with your marketing
  • Need help across a range of marketing activities including design, web, digital and PR

How to enter

  • Create a brief video of yourself telling us what you need doing and why we should choose your business
  • Tell us your ambitions and goals for your business
  • Introduce us to some of your team
  • Upload it to YouTube, keep it unlisted, fill out the form below and include the link to your video within the form
  • Get your submissions in by midnight on Monday April 16th, 2018

Please note that if you have entered during previous years and have not been chosen but still meet the criteria, please do feel free to give it another go! We’ll only consider your application based on this year’s video entry.

Are you ready? Enter below.

Top tip: No one will see your video but us and we are the judges. Keep your video as ‘unlisted’ on YouTube and send us the link within the form below. Or if you prefer to simply record on your phone, upload to Google Drive or similar and include that link, that’s fine too.


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