The low-down on Vero, an honest opinion

Vero social media platform

The new social media app Vero, has made a rocketing appearance into the lives of social media users as this year. Claiming to be a platform which allows people to be themselves, the app’s name directly translates into ‘truth’, a telling sign that it is putting itself up against the most popular social media sites. … Read more

Upgrading your social media strategy for the year ahead

Social media channels for business

As we approach the middle of the year (yes, already), we thought a run-through on which platforms are helping businesses step up their game was due. 45% of customers say a brand’s social media profile alone has the power to change their perception of them (Social Chain) so it’s vital that your business’s social media … Read more

How can email marketing boost sales?

How can email marketing boost sales?

We have some top tips to make the most of this marketing tool… If you have a well-established and effective marketing strategy, we hope you have discovered that email marketing can work really well for your business and quantifiably boost sales. Today’s email marketing systems make the whole process cheap, fast, streamlined and relatively straightforward, … Read more

Repositioning your Brand

M&S Spend It Well

Repositioning or Rejuvenation? Hands up if you are guilty of starting a business with a logo but without properly knowing what you are actually going to deliver? Did you know what customers might think and want, what piece of the market you were targeting? When a business first launches its products and services, its starting … Read more

My brand makes my customers feel…

How does your brand make you feel?

We’re going to be focusing on branding over the coming weeks and want to build up to chatting about re-positioning your brand or re-branding completely. To do this let’s chat first about branding and what it actually is, because it might be meaning different things to different people. To us, branding and creating a brand … Read more

How MeetUp can help raise your business profile

Meet Up #ShakeItHUB

Do you run training events, short courses, open days or networking events? You could reach a wider audience and raise your business profile by putting them on MeetUp. What is MeetUp? MeetUp is a social website that enables online connections to be made for in-person events, meetings or social gatherings. It originated in the United … Read more

My top tips for award entries that win

Top tips for award entries

Ever entered an awards programme?  Over the years I have written many awards applications for different companies. Lots have won; hooray, many have been finalists; yay, for some I advised that they should gather more results and submit next year instead; they simply didn’t stand a chance and the entry fee was a waste of … Read more