Black Friday UK sales craziness!

Black Friday deal with Shake It Up Creative

Three weeks from today (27th November) it’s Black Friday. Some of you will be saying “yay” whilst keeping an eye on the goods you’re interested in and some of you might be saying “what on earth is that?”. The thing is, if you haven’t heard of it you either don’t shop online, or you’ve been quite unobservant. Last year, £810m was spent on Black Friday (UK alone) and Amazon were selling 64 items per second. Per second!

One of us has grown up with the event first-hand and one of us first experienced it in the US and now enjoys perusing the UK deals. So what is it?  Black Friday originates from Philadelphia when police officers described the chaotic day after Thanksgiving when consumers filled the city to shop the pre-Christmas sales and sports fans made their way to the annual Army vs Navy American Football game. This was over 50 years ago, but Black Friday UK only became ‘a thing’ about 5 years ago, courtesy of Amazon. There are time-limited and stock-limited sales offers and these have even expanded into most of the month of November for some retailers.  It’s closely followed by Cyber Monday which is when people would continue their shopping online on their office computers on their first day back at work after the Thanksgiving weekend.

Whether you agree with its presence in the UK or not, most Brits and certainly our Brit (Rachael) loves a bargain as much as our American (Meg). Businesses of all sizes can join in with Black Friday UK to boost sales regardless of whether you’re a retailer or a service provider. There are some great examples of Black Friday email offers from Mailchimp and Shopify here.

So, you’ve got a little time to prepare… think of a discount, a bonus item, a special edition product or service and join in with the Black Friday sales craziness!

For our Black Friday UK ‘sale’ we are offering 10% off design and marketing services for businesses when you Like our Facebook page and direct message us (or, send us an email) on the day (27th November 2015) letting us know what you’d like us to quote for*.

*Excludes hosting and SEO services.

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