Our Start-Up Story

Official launch of Shake It Up Creative!

We’ve gone and done it. One year ago, Meg was happily running her web and graphic design business which she had established in 2003 and realised she wanted to grow it and add on marketing and PR service offerings to her clients. Her expertise is in design and websites so finding a marketing expert would be essential.  She immediately thought of me, and I was running my own professional marketing and PR business. We had already successfully worked in collaboration on various projects since we first met in 2010 at a business awards ceremony, so she thought we would be a good fit.

Meg invited me over for coffee (I actually only drink tea as she discovered!) and broached the subject with me, hoping I’d be open to joining her. I was very interested but as we each already had our own established business, I countered asking; “why don’t we start something new and fresh together as equal partners?”. She seemed excited and said that was appealing to her and furthermore it made total sense. Design and marketing go hand in hand, especially with digital marketing, content marketing and social media being at the forefront for many businesses nowadays. Crossover between design and marketing is inevitable and we wanted to provide services that would benefit both our clients’ needs.

And so Shake It Up Creative was born. Deciding to join forces was easy, but starting up a new business is hard work. We’ve spent a year discussing, planning and putting things in place in order to make this happen. Along the way we’ve learnt more about each other’s strengths and now know for sure that we’ll be an excellent team.  Even though we are a start-up, we are in the unusual position of having had the experience of establishing and then running our own business’s for several years. So not only are we experts in our fields, we’ve also become pretty savvy at running a creative company too. Which is why we came up with Shake To Create and #ShakeItHUB our ways of giving back and supporting start-ups who want to take their business to the next level but have very limited budgets and are short on time.

So that’s our start-up story in a nutshell and this is the launch of Shake It Up Creative.

Rachael & Meg

Shake It Up Creative

Shake It Up Creative

Shake It Up Creative

Photographs by Jenny Rutterford Photography www.jennyrutterford.com