Branding Checklist

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When developing or rebranding your business, it’s essential to think ahead about placements – where and how will any logo, messaging and offers appear later on? To help you think about some of the areas where your brand may well feature, here is a checklist: Website Search engine result Social media Business cards Business stationery … Read more

Protecting Your Brand

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You’ve worked long and hard on developing your brand, looking at all the different elements from logos, fonts, colours, photography etc, how and where you will use it and what it means to you and your customers. The Brand Identity (look and feel) and the Brand Image (what it says about you) is all set … Read more

Getting brand identity spot on…

Brand identity

A logo alone is not a brand but it does form part of your brand identity. In advertising, the often discussed ‘rule of 7’ theory, suggests someone must see your brand seven times before it starts to be remembered and a powerful brand identity means you can recognise the brand even if you don’t see … Read more